Dror Oren, PhD

My name is Dror Oren; I live in the Lotem settlement in the Misgav region of the Galilee, Israel, married and father of three. Since the year 1995, I have been practicing psychotherapy and supervising in Karmiel. I mainly teach in the Galilee and sometimes also in Haifa and throughout the country. One of my pleasures is photography, and the photographs on the site bring moments of beauty I have enjoyed perceiving. I meet with people for therapeutic sessions and supervision at my clinic in Karmiel.


  • B.A. degree in Psychology and Outstanding Students Program at the University of Haifa
  • M.A. degree in Clinical Psychology for adults at Bar Ilan University;
  • Ministry of Health's license to practice psychology (l.no. 4801) as of 07/95
  • Clinical Psychology Specialization license (l.no. 4906) as of 12/97
  • Ph.D. Degree- Doctor of Philosophy from the Department of Psychology at the University of Haifa (12/03)
  • Educational Psychology Specialization license (l.no. 7188) as of 12/04
  • Specialist license – Supervisor in Psychotherapy in the Clinical Division (l.no. 7423) as of 11/05
  • Specialist license- Supervisor in Psycho Diagnostics in the Clinical Division (l.no. 7423) as of 11/05
  • Specialist license- Supervisor in the Educational Division (l.no 28541) as of 01/10
  • (To check a psychologist's licensing, one must check the listing on the site of the Register of Psychologists at the Ministry of Health)
  • Beyond this, during the years I have taken continuing education programs and courses on subjects such as dynamic therapy, working with dreams, experiences in therapy with expressive means, guided imagery, relational and narrative approaches, and more.
  • Member of the Israel Psychological Association and Israeli Association for Psychotherapy

Experience in the Field of Psychotherapy

I was trained as a clinical psychologist for treating adults and adolescents at the clinic in Bar Ilan University and at the Youth Department (Prof. Bracha Gaoni) and at the Department for Adults (Dr. Ilan Traves) at the Shalvata Mental Health Center. Concurrently, I worked as a therapeutic instructor and later as a clinical-educational psychologist at the municipal youth center of the Tel Aviv Municipality. I continued my internship at the Galilee Coast (Chof Ha Galil) Therapeutic Association's center in Nahariya. There, I met with a wide range of adults and teenagers from the general population that turns to treatment independently. At the Galilee Coast center, I added to my training in treating adults and adolescents also training in treating children (play therapy, dyadic therapy, and parent training). Since my certification, I have been working in a private clinic with adults and adolescents, children and their parents. Over the recent years, I have been developing a specific model for working with parents–Psychodynamic Parent Therapy-the PPT Model. It is possible to read about the model in this site, as well.

Concurrently, for years now, I have been practicing psychology in the field of educational psychology. For many years, I accompanied the experimental, six-year school, ‘Kadoori’, as well as many kindergartens (within the framework of my work at the Psychological Service of the Lower Galilee Regional Council). I have accompanied ordinary elementary schools and teams of special education schools (at the Mate Asher Regional Council and additional councils). The work in the educational field has enabled a wide encounter with the developmental area and with the most significant systemic intervention for working with the issues of the rearing environment, emergency events and multisystemic emotional treatment of children. Nowadays, I also teach, supervise and guide educational psychologists and educational services teams regarding the encounter between the clinical and educational psychology worlds, the therapeutic area, working with parents, and of course, provide individual supervision concerning therapy.

In the academic area

My Master's degree studies were at Bar Ilan University. My instructors for the thesis paper were Prof. Victor Florian, of blessed memory, and Prof. Mario Mikolinser (may he live long). The thesis dealt with 'The Influence of early loss on the development Symbolic Immortality and Fear of Personal Death'. The study was held religious and secular people.

The study I conducted as a part of the Doctorate degree, was performed at the Department of Psychology, and dealt with the connection between 'The relations between Tolerance of Ambiguity, number and frequency of Stress Coping Strategies and adjustment (physical and psychological health and Well Being'. The study was conducted at the University of Haifa with the instruction of Moshe Almagor, Ph. D.

In the recent years, I have been learning and researching issues that are of concern to me in the area of therapy, alone and with colleagues. Some of these publications can be seen on the site (Articles)


During the years 2006-2009, I managed the Institute for Emotional Counseling and Treatment at the Interdisciplinary Clinical Center in the University of Haifa. The institute is a university clinic that addresses the general public in Haifa and its surrounding area. In its activities, it also partakes in initiatives and research with the university and other bodies. Headed by Rivka Yahav, Ph.D., the center belongs to the Faculty of Social Welfare & Health Sciences, and within its framework, I managed a multi-disciplinary team in the areas of therapy, I guided, led and collaborated in projects and research studies in the field of therapy (see article 'Two years since the Lebanon War- Treating Children with Anxieties' and filmed interview).


Since 1992, I have been teaching various courses in psychology. I have taught at the Emuna College in Jerusalem, in courses provided under the Ministry of Educations' Department of Continuing Education for Pedagogical Workers in Tel Aviv and Haifa, at the Oranim College, at the School for Practical Engineers of the West Galilee College. I organized and taught a course titled 'Introduction to Clinical Psychology' for second-year medical students at the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine of the Technion.

In the recent years, concurrently with courses in Haifa, I give lectures and short courses on the subjects of psychotherapy, treatment of children, and various therapeutic issues.

I have taught courses, and for several years, served as a practicum instructor for psychotherapists at the northern extension of the School of Psychotherapy at the Magid Institute for Continuing Education of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I have instructed, supervised and taught students during their studies in psychotherapy schools. As part of my work at the Galilee Coast center in Nahariya, I supervised and taught psychology interns and also organized the area of diagnostics.

Consulting, Supervision & Guidance

I have supervised and guided multidisciplinary teams of special education schools, where a combination between the fields of education and therapy is practiced (for instance, Miftan schools for children with special needs). Individual and group supervisions on therapeutic and systemic issues (at the Galilee Coast center, and the Child Guidance Unit in Nahariya Hospital, and more). In addition, I have supervised multi-disciplinary teams of psychotherapists, and have guided management teams, and I supervise teams in psychological services.   

For years now, I have been supervising mental health professionals: I have supervised and I am currently supervising clinical psychologists and educational psychologists during their specialization, as part of their preparation for the specialization test and reception of specialist psychologist certification. I have supervised psychiatrists, psychotherapists from the field of social work, expressive art therapists, animal-assisted therapists, and educational counselors. (More about supervision)

• Member of Governing Council of the Israeli Association for Psychotherapy, since 2013
• Person in charge of professional content on the association's website http://www.israpsych.org/
• Manager of the association's professional forum http://www.israpsych.org/?p=828

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