Seminars and Lectures

Continuing Education Seminars and Lectures

My activities include giving workshops, continuing education seminars, and lectures for staff members in the areas of treatment.
These include teams of psychologists, at mental health stations, social worker teams, and in Matya (special education regional support centers).
The continuing education seminars and training are given in my areas of specialization,
for instance, in the following subjects:

Therapeutic Work with Parents

Workshops or continuing education seminars that include:
Lectures on parenting styles, parenthood as a psychological phase, parent training, working with parents in conjunction with the treatment- case studies.
Distinctions between intervention types, when to choose accompaniment, training (guidance), dyadic or family therapy, or parenthood therapy.
Creating a therapeutic contract and improving therapeutic empathy and intervention.
I have written, and currently write and publish papers on this area, in Israel and the world, mainly centered on the psychodynamic model for parenthood therapy, a model offered to parents when the dominant experience is of difficult feelings with, and towards the parenthood or towards their child.

Treating Adolescents

The continuing education seminar concerning adolescents deals with the characteristics of adolescence from a historical-psychological perspective, the complexity of treating adolescents, the development of self-image, social influences, risk routes, addictions and eating disorders, evidence-based treatment of adolescents – up-to-date literature. The advanced study program deals with intervention methods and approaches in the practice of adolescent treatment, and, of course, includes learning from discussion and analysis of the team's case descriptions.

Between Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry

These continuing education seminars include elaboration on the encounter between clinical psychology, psychiatric diagnosis and the educational psychologist's world,
 while touching on the comprehension of the conception of, and points emphasized (similarities and differences) by the clinical psychologist and the dynamic diagnosis, as an example, and the ICD, DSM definitions, and other terms used by the psychiatrist.   


Lectures on issues related to psychological treatment, developmental issues (anxieties in children, parental identity along the life cycle, choices in adult life, and more).
And, according to my areas of practice and focus.


Group Supervisions for Professional Teams

Groups of up to fifteen professionals, who meet consistently around case presentation and analysis, professional identity dilemmas, and therapeutic issues. The meeting is at my clinic in Karmi'el, or on concentrated days, at the ordering unit/group's site.

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