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PARENTING REVISITED: Feelings, Thoughts and Actions


Parenting is one of the most significant experiences of adult life. Parenthood is a developing identity; and, for the majority of us, the process of developing that identity is an enriching and rewarding experience.


Nonetheless, many parents suffer considerable guilt, disappointment, and other negative emotions in their parenthood. Is this an unavoidable existential situation? What processes might make things easier for, and benefit, parents? How can the parental experience be understood and improved? Do you need help with parenting? In what types of situations is it worthwhile to seek help? What is the difference between parent training, guidance, consultation, and therapy? How should we choose the type of emotional help that is most suitable for us?


In our lives, the attempt to be good parents encounters complexities which did not exist in the past: the diminished presence of the extended family; the variety of options available to the adult; and, concurrently, the weakening of clear norms of 'correct' and 'incorrect', all make it difficult to find a satisfying path.


Parenting Revisited is intended to help both parents and professionals understand the psychology of parenthood, and to illuminate possible directions for actualizing fatherhood and motherhood.


The book addresses the curious, interested parent, who wishes to delve deeply into thinking about parenthood as an existence/experience that can be improved and nurtured. It describes the phases of development in parenthood and different parenting styles. It is based on knowledge and experience from meetings with many families, and presents thoughts and suggestions whose purpose is to help the indecisive, pondering parent.


The book is also intended for professionals who assist parents: therapy, education and healthcare professionals. It includes parenting stories and examples of parents coping with a variety of life situations. Alongside this is a detailed description of the variety of types of therapeutic intervention possible with parents, the significance of choosing each intervention type, and the complexity of the relationships that come into being in the therapeutic space.


Finally, the book presents a unique therapeutic model: 'Psychodynamic Parenthood Therapy', a focused emotional therapy for the person who, as a parent, experiences difficult emotions over a prolonged time towards his or her children and/or self.


Dr Dror Oren (PhD) is a clinical and educational psychologist. He is a certified supervisor in psychotherapy and diagnosis and an educational guidance specialist. Dror has managed the Institute for Consultation and Treatment of Emotions at Haifa University, and is a member of the Board of the Israeli Association for Psychotherapy. He teaches in schools of psychotherapy and provides supervision to specializing interns and specialist professionals. His papers have been published in journals in Israel and internationally; to read more of his writings visit


Based on Dror’s clinical work with parents, 'Psychodynamic Parenthood Therapy' is an original model developed by the author, and he uses it in teaching, in supervision, and in his psychotherapy practice.


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